WFSO's Privacy Policy

In consideration of my (our) participation in any function or activity of the Wine & Food Society of Oregon, Inc. (“WFSO”), a non-profit Oregon corporation, I (we) hereby release WFSO, its members, agents, officers, and/or directors, and each of them, from any and all liability for injury and/or damage which may be incurred by me (us) incident to, or as a result of, my (our) participation at any function or activity sponsored, conducted or carried on by WFSO, whether on public or private premises, and I (we) further hereby release any private host(s) at any such function or activity from any and all such liability. Further, I (we) hereby consent to the publishing of photos of my (our) guest(s) and myself (ourselves) on the WFSO web site. This release is binding on my (our) heirs, administrators, representatives and assigns.

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