Farewell to Our Newsletter

We wish to thank Dawn Foster for her many years of dedicated work as our newsletter editor. Dawn has done an excellent job. But, unfortunately, even good things eventually end.  She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to be involved with our society, and regrets that her growing Mental Health counseling practice demands she say good-bye.

To better serve our members, your Board has decided to discontinue the newsletter and improve our website in April, 2014.  The WFSO has lost money every year since 2008 when there was a profit.  These losses are as follows:

2009                     $2,136
2010                     $   714
2011                     $1,081
2012                     $   994
2013                     $2,893

This has reduced our bank balance from over $10,000 at the end of 2008 to only $2,405 at the end of 2013.

Board Member William M. Maginnis, CPA, has agreed to do the bookkeeping without charge for at least a year which will save $900 in expenses.  We will eliminate the newsletter editor’s position effective May 1, 2014 which will save another $1,200/year.

We will replace the newsletter with a new updated website. It will be much more user friendly, attractive and promote the association better. It could even attract more members. Emails with a link to the website to find the newsletter information will be sent monthly. Benefits of our New Website will include:  

  • Fresh, updated look
  • Easy updating
  • Links to online registrations and dues renewal
  • Private Roster of members with pictures, if provided
  • Robust Annual Calendar with event information and links to registration
  • List of Events on front page
  • Individual Page for Each Event
  • Photos of previous events
  • Tabs for whatever we decide is important
  • Better promoting of WFSO


Thanks again Dawn.

Jim Atwood, Chairman and Events Coordinator

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